June 2013


A 300ft Gorilla video! We finally finished the album! This is a full band project with guys I've played with for many many years. We were lucky enough a few years ago to get a killer new singer and set about writing some material. This is the result. You can purchase a download or a CDfrom; http://300ftgorilla.bandcamp.com/album/toy-remains-2 Let me know what you think. Here is the first 'zero budget' video from the album.



June 2013


Andertons music store have uploaded an exclusive video I created for them.Its all about the L6 L2t. Unusual video to do as it takes your direct soundfrom home and amplifies it. It makes no sense to mic it up and record it inthe traditional way, so I went for handheld recorders in a band practice. Hopefully it shows that it really does pull off the whole FRFR (full range,flat response) idea. Check it out here;



March 2013


Line 6 have posted my new video. A very important video for me as its myfirst commissioned video. All my other videos were done by me and for me. Hopefully its the first of many. Check it out here.


January 2013


Just finished a brand new Fatnana video. I love the Fatnana project. Always so much fun. We have a whole album of material that I hope to finish soon. In the meantime check out the track 'Bum Wing' here.


December 4th 2012


New album available today!! The new album is finally finished and you can buy it here; An Idea A day. or on our 'listen and buy' page. Here is a bit of info as to how this album came about.


'An Idea A Day' was originally a collection of songs created with the intentionof dipping my foot in the water of the production music business. I had intended to see how fast I could work and if I could literally finish 'one idea per day'. I would head to the studio, lay down some drums and then build asong around that live drum take and arrangement. It seemed like I wouldneed at least ten songs in order to see if this idea was achievable.Around two weeks later I had ten tracks in some kind of finished state. Aswork became busier and I needed to spend more time away from home Iused these ten tracks to practice a bunch of production ideas I'd been thinking about. The timing was ideal as I found myself in locations where I couldn't record new things, but I could edit and work on these ideas. A lot ofthis experimental work was later removed but some of it still remains. As the end of 2012 was approaching I wanted to get recording again, other collaborative projects were progressing, but I also wanted something solo. Having temporarily given up on the production music idea, I decided to see if there was any usable stuff for a new solo album. It seemed like a shame to waste any of the ideas I heard, it contained a lot of styles and a lot of hardwork even at this point. So I set about recording a ton of extra guitar partsin order to create the solo album I needed. Its taken a lot more than ten days work to finish this project, but its definitely been worth it. I hope its as enjoyable to listen to as it was to create.


October 31st 2012


Halloween.I know its a bit of a cop out to just repost last years Halloween video, but I haven't had time to do another one ( must try harder next year) so here once again comes last years classic in all its HD glory. Finally I have figured out how to control my own website. So hopefully I can update this page fairly regularly.


October 2012 


New 'song collection' due. Currently I'm gathering a collection of songs I started at the start of this year into one cohesive collection. I was about to start a new solo CD but it seemed a shame to waste this stuff as I think there are some nice ideas hidden amongst the recording and writing experiments. The original idea was to experiment and see if I could write and record one piece of music per day. To basically see how quickly I could work. I did this for ten days over a three week period. The results were then used as recording experiments as my studio changed and grew over the summer. The results should be ready by the end of the year. I'm currently just adding a bunch of over the top guitar parts:-)