This is the HD500X bundle of sounds I'm using as of May 2013. It contains all of my previous sounds (HD500) and a bunch of new sounds I've been using with the HD500X and L2t. It also contains the video sounds from the last few Andertons videos. Pretty much all of the new patches are in the'whats next' setlist. Sorry for the unorganised nature of some of them. They are a work in progress and are often written in stores when I'm given specific requests.  


HD500X Edit. Bundle as of JULY 2013


The following is the HD500 bundle I am currently using as of Nov 2012. My main sounds are now in Set lists 1 and 2. This should contain all the sounds for the demos I am currently doing. Setlist 1 should contain all of the amp models from HD500. I've also added basic effects and tweaked them to how I feel they sound best into a DT25.


HD 500 Edit bundle as of November 2012  


Variax workbench for the above 


Thanks for your interest in my sounds. All I ask in return is that you subscribe to my youtube or facebook channel. I am constantly tweaking these sounds as I'm sure you will. I will update them as often as I can. If anybody has any questions please feel free to contact me.



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