Guerrilla guitar studio is a new type of recording studio. One where you don’t need a band or a set idea of what you want to create. One that caters for players of all abilities.


No pressure, no deadlines, no band members depending on you doing a perfect take. Complete the whole thing in one day or simply book more time. No pressure. Guerrilla's inexpensive rates should also remove the stress of overrunning.


Enjoy your session time in a relaxed but productive environment putting your idea together with as much,or as little help as you want. If you’ve already decided what you want you can move quickly, with electronic drums and a selection of high quality guitars and  guitar effects all hooked up and ready to go.  If however your still undecided we can pull your ideas together and get them finalised at a suitable pace to you. Easy.


Play your own song on your own instruments or the instruments we provide. Alternatively we can arrange and record something together. Drums, bass and extra guitar parts can quickly and easily be arranged on the day for no extra cost.


You can also bring your own backing track and record guitar or video parts in our studio.


   Guerrilla Guitar Studio aims to provide ideal recording solutions for the player who;


  •    Has no band but would like a CD and/or video of their abilities.


  •    Needs to record a demo track(s) for a later full band recording session


  •    Wants a video and recording of themselves to play for friends and family without the pressure of a 

       live performance.


  •    Is thinking about purchasing a home studio and would like to see how it all works and flows. It's

       not a problem to spend your day talking and learning studio gear rather than recording.


  •    Needs to learn to work all that gear you may have just purchased.


  •    Wants to see how a track can be put together with different instruments, recording techniques and

       music theory.


Guerrilla Guitar Studio also has access to other musicians who can be hired for a small fee.


Video s will be synced with your track and hosted either publicly or privately on our GuerrillaGtrStudio youtube site or simply taken away for your own use.