Paul's musical interest originally began as a very young bass player influenced and inspired by the 1980s bass lines of Duran Duran and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Switching to guitar when a friend introduced him to Kiss Alive II, his passions soon evolved into Van Halen and other rock guitar based music. The emergence of 'Mike Varneys' school of late eighties shredders set in motion a period of intense technical practice.


   The love of groove based music created by the likes of Prince, Living Colour and Fishbone pushed Paul to become more inspired than ever to play, write and live music. The artist Prince continues to be a major influence. By the time Paul turned fifteen he was already out gigging with various Newcastle guitar based rock bands, looking to be signed and occasionally taking roles in cover bands to pay the bills. The nineties saw Paul's involvement with many musical projects, including the creation of '300ft Gorilla'. During the 300ft Gorilla era, two albums were recorded that summed up the band's musical aspirations, with inventive guitars, soulful vocals, and impressive grooves, some great songs were born. Great reviews followed, however the band never quite managed to achieve all they had promised.  All members remain close and have valid reason to promote the music they created together. This still contains some of Paul's favourite and most creative guitar ideas.


   2003 saw Paul determined to add to his musical portfolio further still by learning to play drums, “frustrated with programming drum machines and drummers it looked like it would just be easier to learn to play the drums myself and at least try to get them to a level better than I could program”. This resulted in several years enjoying the learning curve of a new instrument, he adds “Its always been about guitar, bass and drums, the love of playing bass never left I just needed to add playing drums to my CV”.  A love of home studio recording over the last decade has continued to inspire him to pursue these instruments with passion, and try to achieve the freedom that multi-instrumentalists seem to have in their work. Now its guitar bass and drums and a desire to be respected on each that drives him. Paul's first CD 'Dead Crooner' represented the first time he recorded guitar, bass and drums with the intentionof completing a final CD and not just a demo, and he is very proud of the fact that he gets to play everything himself.  


            After leaving a major Oxford Street London Music Store he had ran as manager for some years, 2008 heralded Paul's freelancework for Line 6 as Product trainer and demonstrator, his popularity and success at these events has lead to him working at events in locations as far and wide as Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, a steady stream of UK venues and more recently at the NAMM show in California.


  The follow up CD to 'Dead Crooner', ' An Idea A Day' took these ideas further. It started as a test to see if it was practicle to write library or 'production' music and how long it would take. So over the period of a few weeks he started and pretty much finished the recording on one idea per day. Mixing and completing was a different story! After all that work was done it seemed such a shame to not release it.


  Over the last decade Paul has been working with the saxophone player and all round clever musician and artist Neil Smith. The funk / fusion project Fatnana has been a constant source of fun.


  And of course the long running band '300ft Gorilla' (in some form the band has been together since 1994)  is always doing things and working on new projects. Currently a new CD. 'Iccarus Wings' should hopefully be out in the summer of 2016.


    Paul actively seeks out involvement in new musical projects, new creative ideas, performance, recording, videos or demos.  Paul has always found guitar lessons to be a lot of fun andvery rewarding for both parties. They are available from him in the Newcastle upon Tyne area (UK). Email for details.